Health & Safety for Conferences  

Conference Check list  Audio Visual & Event Check List for any Event


Planning is Key!

When you are planning a conference there is so much to consider. This checklist is
designed as an aide to help you gather as much relevant information as possible
during your site visit. This information will save time and money when assessing the suitability
of a venue for staging your presentation.


Plenty of parking for the delegates?
Parking or unloading restrictions that will affect the arrival and departure
Disabled access to every event space used?
Restrictions on where you can and cannot place signage?
Requirement for risk assessment and method statement?
Scheduled time allowed for install and presenter rehearsals?
Accommodation / food allowance for performers, interpreters, crew?


Published room capacity allows for the set, stage depth and rear projection?
Columns or chandeliers that could affect sight lines?
Ceiling height (by measuring) at screen location matches published dimensions?
Staging and equipment position will not obstruct fire exits?
AV control desk location (sound engineers require line of site with presenters)?
Room has full blackout facilities for projection?
Simultaneous bookings that may affect your event?
Earliest access time and latest production departure time?
Sufficient access routes for set, stage and flight cases (lifts, stairs etc)?
Space and sight line for simultaneous interpretation booths?
Video conferencing: Three ISDN 2e lines or an ADSL line with a high
bandwidth for IP connection?
Distance from the presenter to the back row exceeds 20m? Live camera relay to the
main screen is advisable.
Quality and functionality of all installed AV equipment you may wish to use?
Storage for flight cases and production equipment after installation?


Set colour that will suit both the room and your corporate brand?
Space for rear projection?
Ceiling rigging points to front project from?
Height of stage required so that seated presenters can be seen at the back?
Sufficient stage size for lectern, top table, seating, team awards, performers?
Space for a wheelchair ramp (1 in 12 gradient)?

LIGHTING / RIGGING (LED lighting keeps cool and pulls less power)

Location of the isolated power outlet?
Hanging points in the ceiling to suspend lighting rigging from?
Can chandeliers affecting the conference be removed?
Do you require coloured architectural lighting / projection around the room?
Do you require coloured architectural lighting / projection outside of the building?


Effectiveness of sound proofing between adjoining event spaces?
Refurbishments expected in or outside the venue?
Simultaneous events which may have conflicting radio microphone frequencies?
Number of Q & A mic's and attendants required to cover your seating layout?
Venue decibel meter that will restrict the volume of any entertainment?


Which event spaces have wireless Internet access?
Conference Internet access codes for the organisers and delegates?
Dedicated (not shared with the rest of the hotel) ADSL line.
(Cyber Cafés, Live presentations, web casting, web based training)?


Walkie talkies (how many?)
Printing or photocopying equipment?
Event recording (audio, Video or rich media)?
Induction loop or infra red system for the hard of hearing?
Voting system?
Cyber Cafe?
Script prompting system?
Simultaneous Interpretation?

Please print this off to help you with your event.