Voting System Hire or buy a voting system

Voting System Hire 

Keypad For Instant Voting! For Conferences, Meetings & Debates

Engage your audience and turn passive listening into active participation
  • Gauge audience opinion
  • Improve knowledge and understanding
  • Increase memory retention
  • Confirm and clarify key points
Whether it's a small meeting for 10 people or a large conference for 1000+ people, London Audio is the ideal solution for gathering data from participants in seconds!

How it works

Every delegate actively participates using a wireless keypad which enables them to respond to questions displayed on the main screen. A wide variety of question formats can be used including multiple choice, ratings and ranking. The results are displayed instantly, providing immediate feedback. Delegates can also be profiled, for example by geographic location or company department, and results shown by demographic split.

  • YOU Provide the slide template and questions
  • WE Advise you on the wording and format of your questions
  • Create the voting slides
  • Set up and test the system on-site
  • Run the voting slides at the live event
  • Produce a report of the voting results by question and by participant


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